What Is Lorem Ipsum? The most well-known placeholder text is lorem ipsum (sometimes incorrectly called ipsum lorem), which you can find below in HTML and plain text. It’s latin, and comes from an ancient text on the theory of ethics written by Cicero. What’s The Story Behind Lorem Ipsum? Lorem ipsum is the filler text most people are familiar with, and if you’ve spent any time at all poking around the internet you’ve surely seen the words lorem ipsum before. While often referred to as greek copy or greeking, lorem ipsum is actually latin, and originates from a work by Marcus Tullius Cicero that dates all the way back to 45 BC. What Is Lorem Ipsum About? Now obviously in 45 BC Cicero didn’t consider this text to be a work of non-sensical design copy. On the contrary, the original source’s title is translated as “On the Extremes of Good and Evil” and does some serious philosophical heavy-lifting in the area of ethics. When Was Lorem Ipsum Created? Poor Cicero’s masterpiece wasn’t manhandled into unintelligible space-filling mumbo-jumbo until sometime in the middle ages when a typesetter, seeking copy that would highlight different fonts without being distracting, plucked the passage out of the original work and co-opted it for his own purposes.