We’re an ethnic-food solutions company:
A team of passionate foodies that care about the
Product, the Process, and the People.


What we manufacture.
The brands we carry.


Source the right material and products. Manufacture with food safety in mind. Supply a consistent product to the retailer and consumer.


Brand partners. Retail partners.
Our team. The consumer.


We bring the best ethnic products (and brands) to the consumer

Our distribution network helps international ethnic-brands reach Canadian retailers.

We manufacture products with the consumer and retailer in mind.


We believe there is a shortage in care for what we eat, therefore…

Our values guide us in sourcing and manufacturing products made with the best ingredients and zero animal by-products, making us a 100% vegetarian company.

Our Mission is to make and source products that are unforgettable.


Our founder’s philosophy is the reason why our products are loved and trusted by our consumers.

If a product wasn’t good for his own family, it wasn’t good for his customers.


Ontario Impex of Canada was incorporated and introduced ethnic-food brands like MDH masalas, Pachranga and, for the first time ever, Haldiram’s, in the Canadian market. Our successful restaurant business and the growing Indian community in Canada, pointed to the need for these products in the country. Brands in India did not have export departments at the time; This led to the incorporation of Ontario Impex of India, our sister concern, which sourced goods locally from the Indian market

Popularized by our restaurants, the demand for our samosas and sweets began to flow in from different cities in Canada. We set up a fledgling kitchen, dedicated to sweets and samosas at the back of Brar’s restaurant at 199, Advance Boulevard. Our founder wanted it to be close to the customers so he could gauge their reactions as he worked on perfecting his recipes.

Growing demand for our sweets led to the creation of a new kitchen at 171, Advance Boulevard, dedicated to the production of sweets.

Blooming demand meant we needed an even larger facility. Our sweets production moved to 19, Victoria Crescent.

We started the production of one of our most popular desserts, Rasmalai, which quickly became and continues to be one of our most popular retail products.

Already popular in our restaurants, we started the production of Paneer at our facility, adding to our growing range of products

We moved our office to 5820, Kennedy Road, which became our primary facility for the production of Samosas and also housed a bakery.

To meet the demand from retailers like Loblaws, we upgraded our facility and increased the production of samosas to over 20,000 a day.

This year, we will be amalgamating our operation at 190, Statesman Drive, for better control and quality management.